How To Choose The Best E-Juice For You

Your e-cigarette kit probably came with a handful of e-juice flavors, from which you may have found one that you like. And if you’re like most vapers, you may have stuck to your original choice simply because you’re afraid to try out other e-liquids. With the huge selection of e-juices available, not many people are willing to spend money on something they may not even like. But there’s no reason to worry; whether you’re an experienced vaper or just getting started, knowing how to pick an e-liquid that suits your tastes will get you on the right track.

Only Buy From Reputable Brands and Vendors

Beginners often get tempted with the low prices of imported e-liquids. Although most e-juices are similar when it comes to ingredients, not all are created under identical conditions. As such, the tempting price tags of some imported e-juices may shift your focus away from ascertaining the products’ origins.

While a cheap e-liquid could have been produced in acceptable manufacturing conditions, it might as well be a mediocre concoction that carries a handful of health risks. You should thus opt for products made by reputable e-liquid manufacturers. Always buy from vendors/brands that not only have websites but also provide thorough documentation on all their products.

Don’t Choose More Nicotine than You Need

This area proves tricky for both new and seasoned vapers. As you may well know, nicotine is quite the addictive substance. While you may prefer a high-nicotine e-liquid when you’re new into vaping, keep in mind that this is the sole potentially harmful ingredient in your e-juice. And although an overdose is somewhat unlikely, you don’t have to take more of it than you really need.

You may thus want to review your nicotine intake, especially if you’ve been vaping for quite some time. Although you may be tempted to stick to a certain nicotine level, slightly reducing your intake regularly isn’t a hard thing to do. More often than not, you won’t notice any changes when you step your intake down by 4mg/ml. Doing this from time to time will eventually get you to 0, which is arguably the most important milestone to hit if you’re an ex-smoker.

Consider the PV/VG Ratio

Accounting for 90% of the content in most bottles, Vegetable Glycerin(VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) are the 2 most common ingredients in e-juices. The remaining 10% is comprised of nicotine, along with flavorings/extracts. The PG and VG content of any particular e-juice are usually associated with throat hit and cloud production. And these aspects have a direct impact on how you perceive the taste. More specifically, the optimal flavor can only be achieved when the PV/VG ratio is ideal.

Juices high in VG content tend to have a muted taste, while a higher PG content may result in a harsh flavor. Depending on your setup and personal preferences, you might prefer combinations ranging between 70% PG/30% VG and 50% PG/50% VG. A good way to find your perfect mix would be to start out with the latter, then make small adjustments with each batch to find out what works best for you.

Don’t be Conservative with Your Choice of Flavors

‘Vaper’s tongue’ is a term used to describe a state when one gets used to a certain flavor to the extent that they lose the ability to fully taste it over time. The best way to avoid this is to avoid sticking with a single flavor. So don’t hesitate to try out some the less common flavors, brands and lines every time you purchase your e-liquid.

Most vendors offer accessories and products that make experimenting quite easy. Besides, most flavorings used in e-liquids are quite similar to additives used in food. With this in mind, choosing new flavors becomes a lot easier; you simply opt for those similar to the ones found in edible products you currently like.

Besides trying out new flavors, you could also browse online forums to see what others have come up with. Keep in mind that there are numerous options, and your preferences will likely change as time goes on.While some get lucky on their first attempt, you might have to experiment for a while before you find your sweet spot.Ultimately, variety is just one of the elements that make vaping and e-cigarettes great. And whatever you do, ensure you always clean your coils thoroughly (or swap them) whenever you’re testing out new flavors.