So You Think Think E-Cigarettes Are Too Strong?

If you smoke, you have probably thought about using one of those electronic cigarettes. You have seen the commercials on television, and you have likely seen them on racks in your local convenience market. It seems that suddenly, these little devices are everywhere.

There is a reason for that. These things can be enjoyed without anyone even knowing it is there. A number of them come with a lanyard to hang around your neck. Some people have several different types, and they will carry the lanyard-style with them when they leave the house, and they will keep the larger ones at home.

People who smoke cigarettes are leery of e-cigs. That is likely because they haven’t tried one yet. Can you imagine that when you light up a cigarette, you have to have a lighter and an ashtray with you? You have to carry the pack of cigarettes with you, and the lighter to light up. And then you have to have a place to put it out. Added to that, there are a number of places where you are not allowed to light up, and there are a number of places where you can be arrested for having a smoke!

If you have an e-cig, however, no one is going to arrest you. There is no smoke coming from this thing. It is only water vapor. The thing is not even burning anything until you take a puff of it. The battery inside is off until you inhale. Then, it delivers a bit of the nicotine in it into the puff. The residue is simply water vapor. There is no smoke, no health issue, no offending ‘tobacco odor’ or any other type of smell. The only thing in the air is water vapor and that water vapor is harmless. You can enjoy one of these cigarettes under a “No Smoking” sign if you feel like it.

A lot of people will buy one from behind the counter of a convenience market, and cough when they taste it. They do not realize that the first puff is going to be strong. They need to gently inhale, and it will taste just like a cigarette. Do not simply try one puff and throw it away. Many of them are adjustable as to the amount of flavor that comes out of it. Those people need to re-try them and see what they are missing.

Now, things have changed from those original, one time only devices. There are now devices, or kits, where you can buy the kit and a number of replacements come with it. But things have gone even farther than that, and now, the market is a great market for the buyer because of the flavors and strengths that have recently become available.

There are now kits where you can adjust the nicotine strength by simply buying one with less strength. Some companies offer the devices with no nicotine at all, all the way up to the strongest possible cigarette you can smoke. They are carefully designed to deliver just the right amount of the fluid with each puff, so there is no dizzying first puff anymore.

They now come in every flavor under the sun, and then some. There is cherry, strawberry, lime, lemon, grape, guava, watermelon — the list is too long to list here. You can even mix your own flavors if you feel like it. Every fruit and some vegetables are represented, along with, of course, tobacco flavor. The kits sold on the web come with a holder, or tube, that holds the liquid that is poured into it. When you pour your desired strength into it, you can add a little more of a higher or lower strength. You can even slide a little device to deliver more or less of the flavor, or the nicotine. Most of these devices are completely controllable by the user, unlike those that were first sold in convenience stores just a few years ago.

So, it is not true that these things are too strong, or too weak. The user can determine the strength of the nicotine and the flavor. All the user has to do is sit back and enjoy.

The cost is far less than smoking cigarettes. If you smoke two cartons per month, you can purchase a kit with some refillable cartridges or tubes right now, and be on your way to a smoke-free smoke.